Was there a lesson to be learned?

Crystal Vallee’s Story


“My main mission behind this is that kids don’t end up like me,” Crystal Vallee, from the Steered Straight company, said. With all the drug use prevention programs and companies out there, I think this is the best one yet. It may not seem fun or entertaining to some teenagers and kids, but this particular presentation has very useful information and has helped kids and adults learn valuable lessons. The Steered Straight company began in 2007, and Crystal joined in June 2016.

The mission of Steered Straight is to create a strong community by delivering their message and educating parents, teachers, school administrators, staff, police officers, churches and other community groups who have interest in seeing youth today grow up to be strong, healthy and responsible citizens.

It’s impressive how much Crystal has been through and still thrived. Neglect was one of the horrible things she’s been through. Later on in life, she decided to use drugs as an escape from everything, including the abuse and neglect of her father who is a drug addict to this day. 

 It’s also magnificent how much people (like me) have grown and learned from her mistakes.

”It was a good connection between mental health and drug use,” Ignacio Garcia said.

Crystal is worthy of teaching students about the reality of drugs. On the other hand, there is mention of suicide and drugs; and, if the school doesn’t approve of this, she may touch base on it a tiny bit.There may need to be follow-up discussions about the tough topics she addresses. 

Otherwise, I would recommend welcoming and having her present, because her message of hopefulness is a valuable one.