Boys varsity basketball season going well


“Be first.” This is the saying the boys on the basketball team strive to live up to. Whether that’s first to practice or first to help a teammate up, these guys will be first. Most people won’t understand what this means, but Coach Herrera, the head boys basketball coach, enforces this team motto immensely.

We are halfway through the season with an 11-3 record. The games have all pushed the team to work together but the match up against Seguin stands out. 

“They were 8-0 and we beat their streak,” Cody Martinez, small forward, said. This game was the first team in their district that they played so it really got them prepared for upcoming district games. They definitely executed and played on a higher standard that night.

There are several great players on the team but according to Mayson Thomas, center, Aidan Madrigal is the MVP. “He is just a great team player,” Thomas said. 

Aidan, who is the team’s starting point guard, isn’t just a leader on the court but also in the classrooms and outside of school. He communicates well and leads by example. 

“Overall, he is just a great player,” Elliott Perry, also a point guard, said.

With Winter break approaching and everyone excited to kick back and relax, the boys will be grinding throughout the two weeks. Not only are they practicing, but on December 28th, they play in an important tournament that will lead them into district play. Their district games begin with Veterans Memorial, followed by many others: Canyon, Boerne-Champion, Tivy, Smithson Valley, Seguin, and Wagner.