When should you actually start decorating for Christmas?


Some people start decorating right after Halloween ends, but I think that is way too early to get ready for Christmas. We should be waiting until December.

I think that part of the reason many people get ready for Christmas so early is because company’s hype it up more to get more sales. By starting early Christmas sales and all the Christmas ads they send out as soon as it’s November, they get people seeing all of this and thinking it is ok to decorate right when November starts.

Most students think that decorating should start right after Thanksgiving ends.  

“Thanksgiving is a holiday and should be celebrated as its own,” Brieana Jacques-Maw said.

Although researchers found that people who start the Christmas season earlier tend to be happier, when you start to get ready so early you get tired of the Christmas things by the time it is actually Christmas day. That is why we should wait until December to keep the holiday spirit strong throughout the Christmas season.