Color Guard hosts successful fundraiser


Adele Myers focuses on her timing during the performance of “Superstitions” at the Color Guard fundraiser.

Saturday, January 28th a Color Guard fundraiser and performance was held in the cafeteria. The event raised $1,696 that will be used toward costumes, traveling funds, and goodie bags. Money was earned by charging for tickets to a performance and pancake breakfast. 

The Color Guard, band director, Mr.Berry, and Color Guard director, Mr. Arroyo, worked diligently on their masterpieces, the JV show Superstitions and varsity show Forgiving Autumn

“We practiced for the performance every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 3 hours,” Liberty Angle, freshman, said. 

However, the Color Guard is excellent at supporting their team. During the performance, team members offstage cheered on the ones in the spotlight.

“It helps them know that people are watching them; people are there for them; and we care about what they are doing and how much effort they are putting into this activity that they chose to do,” Liberty Angle said. 

Student members prepared the delicious breakfast for their audience members. They cooked pancakes and sausage, and provided several drink options.

“It was pretty good. I also liked the variety of drinks provided,” Laney Flores, one of the attendees said.