Super Bowl Picks and Predictions


As the 2022-23 NFL season comes to an end, fans across the world are excited for the outcome of Super Bowl 57. The Philadelphia Eagles of the NFC will be facing the Kansas

City Chiefs of the AFC. Some of our students had a lot to say about who they love, who they think will win,  and who will score what.

Sophomore Jake Phipps thinks that the score will be a 28-24 Eagles win.

“Jalen Hurts is clutch; and, they have had a longer drought than the Chiefs have had since their last Super Bowl win,” Jake said.

Freshman Roman Schrom thinks the Chiefs will win it all at 24-21.  

“The Chiefs know how to win and they know what it takes,” Roman said. “The Eagles haven’t played a team this healthy and with this level of skill all season.”

Joseph Fain also believes the Eagles can pull it off with a 45-24 win.

“I’ve been watching Hurts since his days at OU and I know what he can do,” Joseph said.  “He’s always been ‘that guy’, so for him, it’s really just another game. The Chiefs aren’t ready for a game this big without Tyreek Hill.”

Sadie Carrillo says the Chiefs  will win 27-24.  

“That Patrick Mahomes is one of the best in the game and they can pull it off,” she said.

Although the outcome of the game is very important to many of us, some on campus have other reasons they enjoy the big game.

Our librarian, Mrs.Perez, says she enjoys the weekend because of the time she is able to spend with her family and others.

Sophomore, Martin Mendez says what he loves most about the Super Bowl is watching and rating the new commercials.

“I enjoy Super Bowl weekend because of the food and being able to spend time with my friends,” sophomore Jordan Decocq said.