Movie Review: Senior Year


Senior Year is a movie about a teenage girl, Stephanie, whose dream is to be prom queen. During a pep-rally while the cheerleaders were performing a new stunt, Tiffany (Stephanie’s arch enemy) interferes, causing a catastrophic result: Stephanie is injured and ends up in a coma for 20 years. 

When she woke from the coma, the first thing that came to Stephanie’s mind was restarting her senior year of high school. Even though she was 37 years old, this didn’t stop her from going back to school. She still wanted to pursue her dreams of being prom queen, starting off in small steps.

After getting enrolled in her old school, she began her new journey only to discover that the school has changed in more ways than she could’ve imagine. The cheer team is not as competitive as when Stephanie was in school, more technology was introduced, and there was less bullying involved. Stephanie adapts and continues to pursue her high school dream. 

A typical teenager wouldn’t want to go back to school, especially after being in a coma. If I was in her shoes, I would want to move forward with my life instead of recreating the past, because I don’t necessarily want to be in school just to recreate something like being prom queen… or anything else, honestly. If it were me, I would move on and maybe visit my family or friends after being in a coma for 20 years.

One reason she should’ve moved on is so that she would’ve realized who her true friends were. Also, she needs to prepare for adulthood because being prom queen really doesn’t have that much of an impact on adult life. If I had the chance to redo what she did, I would’ve read the cards, taken the time to connect with friends and searched for a job that suits me best.

The actors in this film do a good job of increasing your endorphins (the happy hormones) by providing many comedic aspects. Many of these well known actors such as Rebel Wilson (Stepanie), Mary Holland (Martha, Stephanie’s friend), Sam Richardson (Seth, Stephanie’s friend), Zoe Chao (Tiffany, Stephaine’s arch enemy) are putting in the hard work to entertain audiences. Therefore, the message is good, even if it’s unrealistic. This movie is worth seeing, because it encourages everyone to be themselves and not care what others think.