Movie Review: The Wonder

Highly anticipated, highly disappointing


The new film The Wonder, starring Florence Pugh, hit Netflix on November 16. The movie is said to be a psychological thriller with mystery tied in. It is set in the Irish Midlands in 1862 and follows a young girl who has not eaten in four months but somehow remains healthy and well. Her condition gathers the attention of writers and tourists all over, her well-being becoming attraction-like. The plot focuses on two specific nurses who go to observe the girl 24/7, checking her eating habits for authenticity.

Flat out, the concept sounds intriguing enough. But the execution lacked in a lot of areas. I found many parts in the movie hard to watch, simply because it felt like nothing was happening. The movie is quite literally spent watching two nurses watch a girl. I find this movie to be a story drawn out for just a little bit too long. This, however, has nothing to do with the performances, which I found to be the best part of the movie, especially Florence Pugh’s.

Pugh has had many releases in the past years including films like Don’t Worry, Darling, Black Widow, and Little Women. In all of these, her performance never lacked. When I see her in a new film, I never find parts of her past roles in the present ones. She is able to become a new character with such ease.

Overall, the film is not horrible. It is also not outstanding. The performances definitely make this a better watch. If you like more psychological thrillers with backstories maybe this could be the film for you.