Art Classes Sharing Holiday Spirit


Our school is all about showing kindness to others, especially during the holidays. One event that shares kindness and holiday spirit is the Christmas present wrapping hosted by art classes on December 8 and 9. Led by our art teachers,  Mr. Gorner and Mrs Ramsey, the goal of the event is to spread Christmas joy by doing some of the holiday chores. 

“I think we just wanted to help out people during the time that everything gets chaotic,” Mrs Ramsey said. 

Art students who display good packaging skills will be chosen to help out with wrapping presents. Also, everyone is encouraged to participate by donating things like wrapping paper, bows, and ribbons. 

 “I loved seeing all the presents under the christmas tree on christmas morning when I was little,” Mrs. Ramsey said. “To me, seeing all the presents appear that morning was like magic.”