Beginners orchestra coming soon


Orchestra director Mr. Helsley is offering a new opportunity to our students: beginning in the Fall of 2023, the Orchestra program will open up a beginners class to any student interested. The class is projected to be a big hit especially for students who want to learn a secondary instrument.

“I am very excited to see the program grow and hope that many students will enjoy music the way we do,” Mr. Helsley said. 

Mr. Helsley expects students from all backgrounds wishing to learn a musical instrument. The hope is that students from the middle school (as well as many high school students) will join because of the possibility of earning fine art credit. He also predicts that kids who have their fine arts credit but are looking for a fun time will join and learn something new. 

“This is a low stress class where we can learn at a slow, easy pace. We will have an “end of the year” concert and you will be invited to all orchestra related trips and functions,” Mr. Helsley said. “I hope that students find this class and help spread the word so we can build this program!”

The new class is open to violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Students can look around campus for our flyers or find Mr. Helsley in room F309 for more information.