Theater department receives numerous awards


The theater department brought home many awards after competing at the Texas Thespians State Festival from November 12th to November 15th. Their play adaptation of “Pinocchio” won several awards: Best Main Stage Costumes, Best Main Stage Ensemble, Best Main Stage Supporting actor. 

Also, 13 students qualified to compete at the International Thespian Festival in Summer 2023 for the following events: Duet Acting- Reese Stanley & Elizabeth Stanley, Brooklyn Snider & Emma Weaver. Monologue- Paisley Vera, Chloe Phelan, Joscelyn Despres. Solo Musical- Aiden Terry, Josie Gearheart, Samara Flores, Zoey Koehl. Solo Musical Dance- Leinell Ombaba. Playwriting-Lindsey Perry. 

Three students received multiple college callbacks and theater program acceptances as juniors: Paisley Vera, Reese Stanley, and Brooklyn Snider. 

One student, Lindsey Perry, was one of two winners out of 170 entries for the NextGenWorks Playwriting Contest. Lincoln Soos also advanced to the Improv All Star Tournament.  

Sophomore Joscelyn Despres not only qualified for Nationals but also had the best monologue of the Festival. 

“When I first practiced my monologue in front of my directors, they gave me really good critiques. I went off of those critiques and had them in the back of my mind while I performed,” Despres said. “And the reason I did well was simply because I didn’t overthink it.”